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Vibratory Feeders, Bulk Bag Systems, and Bulk Material Handling Systems

3Sigma is a manufacturer of Vibratory Feeders, Batching Systems, Bulk Bag Fillers, and Bulk Bag Dischargers. 3Sigma, through its parent company Carolina Material Technologies Inc, also supplies Bulk Material Handling Equipment.


Bin Activators

Blenders and Mixers

Bulk Bag Systems

Dust Collection

Feeders (Vibratory, Screw, and Weigh Belt)

Mechanical Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveyors

Storage Silos and Tanks

Sizing Equipment

Tote IBC Systems


Blower Packages

System Controllers

Conveying Elbows

Flexible Connectors

Flow Aids

Gates and Valves

Material Level Indicators

Ferrous Metal Magnets

Level Monitors.

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