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3Sigma provides Full Bulk Bag Unloading Systems with optional add-ons (Dust Control, Paddle Agitators, Vibration, etc),  Fully Automatic 50 lb Bag Emptying Systems, and Vibratory Feeders. If you have any bulk materials in bags that have to be discharged, we can provide a solution.

Bulk Bag Unloaders, also commonly called bulk bag dischargers, super sack unloaders, super sack dischargers, FIBC dischargers, and FIBC unloaders, provide a safe, dust-free and convenient way to handle and discharge bulk bags. 3Sigma provides Bulk Bag Unloaders that make handling of bags practical and efficient by providing an easy and safe method to lift, support and discharge.  Our bulk bag unloaders eliminate dust and spillage associated with other methods of bulk bag handling. We build systems that provide controlled, regulated discharge with a variety of feed devices and weight control options.

The patented LaborSave™ is a fully automatic, highly effective sack emptying system that results in significant savings from increased efficiency, less waste of raw material and less labor. The cost-efficient LaborSave has four models to meet a range of needs. The LaborSave™ is ideal for loading silos, day tanks or bulk trucks.  Carolina Material Technologies offers the LaborSave as a stand-alone system and also offers a complete system solution including pneumatic or mechanical conveying, silos, day tanks, bin vent filters, level controls and discharging equipment to meet your requirements.

We offer Mass Flowing Vibratory Weigh feeders based upon 3Sigma’s exclusive GeoTray™ feed tray and MassMate™ mass flow hopper.  Mass Flow Feeding, High Frequency Dribble Feed, Instant Off and No Moving Parts make it the weigh feeder of choice for a variety of dry bulk products.

The GeoMate™ Vibratory weigh feeder design is simplistic in nature.  With one basic design, very small, field changeable modifications are made to each GeoTray™ to meet the needs of a broad range of products.

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