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Vibratory Feeder Videos
View videos of 3Sigma's equipment, including bulk bag unloaders, vibratory feeders, and LaborSave™ automatic sack emptying systems.

3Sigma provides vibratory feeding systems and solutions for the material handling of bulk products. Please view the gallery below for videos of recent projects and installations involving Geomate vibratory feeders and BrickMaster feeding systems.
3Sigma Brick Coating Feeder - Demo Feeder at Clemson Brick Show
Significantly reduce product costs, increase accuracy, and control the look of your brick with 3Sigma's Brick Coating Feeder.
How Mass Flow Feeding Works
3Sigma's Mass Flow Vibratory Feeders provide the best batch accuracy by providing a pulseless feed while stopping instantly and identically.
Carbon Fiber Vibratory Weigh Feeder
3Sigma's Geomate Loss-in-Weight Vibratory Feeder System Feeding Carbon Fiber.

Sand Coating Vibratory Weigh Feeder Demonstration
Coating Feeders allow for a consistent and accurate distribution of your product across a moving object. The proven BrickMaster™ properly coats your making line, roofing materials, food stuffs or your metal products.
Vibratory Weigh Feeder - Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide is extremely cohesive and adhesive, and presents many handling problems for the average feeder system. The Geomate™ vibratory feeder provides accurate and reliable batching for this material.
Vibratory Weigh Feeder with IBC Refill System
The BrickMaster™ Loss-in-Weight Sand Coating Feeder consists of a GeoTray™, a platform scale and a Loss-in-Weight control system. This material feeder is a mass flow system that operates with no moving parts.
Vibratory Weigh Feeder - Volumetric Feeding
Two 18" Geomate™ Dry Material Feeders, each coupled with MassMate™ mass flow hoppers. They provide a pulseless feed for diatomaceous earth at a rate of 400 PPH, and for molybdenum at a rate of 7,600 PPH.
Overview of 3Sigma's Vibratory Feeder
Brief overview of 3Sigma's Geomate Volumetric Feeding System. Feed material with no moving parts.
Fast/Dribble Batching of Chilled Teflon Powder
3Sigma Vibratory Feeder Batching Teflon Powder. Total Batch Size: 816 Grams. Accuracy +/- 7 grams.

Bulk Bag Unloader / Batching Feeder System
This is a 3Sigma Bulk bag Unloader / Batching Feeder System. Target batch rate is set at 10.7 lbs.

Calcium Carbonate Vibratory Weigh Feeder
3Sigma's Geomate Loss-in-Weight Vibratory Weigh feeder, metering Calcium Carbonate at the Carolina Material Technologies test lab.
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