Heavy Duty Industrial Vibrators

Electric Heavy Duty Vibrators

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3Sigma offers Vibco Heavy Duty Electric Vibrators. These industrial vibrators are heavy duty vibrators that can be used inside or outside in dust, dirt, rain or snow. Vibco’s Heavy Duty Electric Vibrators are designed to speed the flow of bulk materials through any size bin, hopper or chute. These industrial vibrators are also ideal for packing material in drums and bags, consolidating concrete in the precast and prestressed concrete industries, and aiding the efficiency of material through screens.

VIBCO Heavy Duty Electric Vibrators:

• More than 150 heavy duty electric vibrator models available
• Performance multi-directional force is the safest and most efficient
• Completely noiseless
• Low Maintenance, low operating costs, and no lubrication required
• One-year warranty for all electric vibrators

• Totally enclosed for outdoor and indoor use

Electric Explosion Proof Vibrators - MODEL PX

3Sigma offers Vibco’s Model PX Election Explosion Proof Motor Vibrator. This electric vibrator is great for speeding the flow of bulk materials through any size bin, hopper or chute, packing material in drums and bags.

•NEMA 42, 48, 56 and 182 frame sizes.
•Model 2PX-200 and 4PX-350 in 42 frame
•2PX-450 and 4PX-700 in 48 frame, are supplied in 3 phase and single phase in Class 1 Group D, Div. 1 & 2.

PX Vibrator Explosion Proof

Pneumatic Silent Turbine Vibrators

Turbine Pneumatic Vibrators

3Sigma offers Silent Turbine Vibrators. These Pneumatic Vibrators save air, are more efficient, don't require lubrication, and have virtually silent operation. A typical turbine vibrator will normally last 3 times as long as a ball vibrator.

Vibco Silent Turbine Vibrators are the specified and standard units for many industries. Typical applications include parts feeding, batchers, hoppers, chutes, packaging, foundry match-plates, shake-outs and sand hoppers, screens, and wherever parts or material hang.

Features of the Silent Turbine Pneumatic Vibrators:

• Noiseless - Most turbine vibrators operate at 66-72 dB
• Energy Consumption - Turbine vibrators use approximately 50% less air
• Durability - Turbine vibrators typically outlast ball vibrators 3 to 1
• Efficiency - Turbine vibrators maintain speed, efficiency throughout its life
• No Lubrication Needed - Turbine vibrators feature sealed bearings that are prelubricated for life

Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

3Sigma offers Vibco’s Pneumatic Piston Vibrators.  These industrial vibrators provide high impact and efficient energy transfer to make sure material flows smoothly through bins, chutes, weigh batchers and other bulk material applications. The Piston Vibrator is commonly used in heavy industry, mining, chemical plants, plastics, manufacturing, foundries and paper plants. Pneumatic Piston Vibrators are efficient, durable, and great at delivering results.
Vibco offers a one-piece design and all-steel models of flange-mounted piston vibrators in standard and silent models. The secret to the silent models is the air-cushion to minimize noise, while still delivering the necessary force to guarantee results.

Features of the Pneumatic Piston Vibrator:

• Low Cost — fewer parts mean lower cost and less maintenance
• Reliability — built to last with simple design and heavy-duty construction
• Selection — A variety of models to choose from so you get what you need
• Powerful — high impact, linear force and efficient energy transfer

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