Screw Conveyor Systems

General Screw Conveyor

Thomas Scew Conveyor 02

3Sigma Systems provides Screw Conveyors by Thomas Conveyor Company, North America’s leading supplier of mechanical conveyors and screw feeders who literally “wrote the book” on screw conveyors. Screw Conveyors are one of the most widely used bulk material handling equipment for the movement of  powders and dry materials. All of the screw conveyors the 3Sigma provides are manufactured according to CEMA standards, ensuring that replacing screw conveyor parts are is easy.

Material is fed to the Screw Feeder by another device and conveys product at partial trough loadings.  Screw Conveyors can be configured for specialty processing while conveying. Screw Conveyors can also be used as mixers or agitators for the mixing and blending of materials. Thomas Screw Conveyors are offered in a variety of materials in order to protect the conveyor from corrosion, abrasion or heat..

Multi Screw Conveyor

3Sigma Systems provides Multi Screw Conveyors systems by Thomas Conveyor Company. Multi Screw Conveyors can have twin, triple, or quadruple screws, and are often used as a screw feeder. The screws move, or convey, the material from bins or hoppers at a constant and controlled rate of flow. In multi screw conveyors, the inlet is usually flooded with material (100% loaded). Call a 3Sigma expert to see if your best option for your application is to use a multi screw conveyor as your volumetric metering device.

Twin Screw Conveyor 003

Flexible Screw Conveyor

3Sigma offers Flexible Screw Conveyors by Carolina Conveying. Flexible Screw Conveyors are used to economically transport material over different distances, angles and rates. Due to the conveyors flexibility, it allows numerous configurations to suit application requirements. Carolina Conveying manufactures three different flexible screw conveyor sizes: 2, 3 and  4.5 inches with rates of up to 450 cfh depending on the application.

The standard flexible screw feeder features an inlet, discharge outlet, flexible spiral, casing, gearbox and motor. Carolina Conveying offers two different spirals: round and flat. The most common is the round due to its maximum strength and flexibility. For applications requiring high throughputs, the flat spiral is commonly used. The inlet and outlet heads are offered in mild steel or stainless steel. The flexible screw conveyor can be easily cleaned out by reversing the screw, due to a quick disconnect at the inlet. The discharge head has an inspection door and discharge spigot. The conveyor casing is made of UHMW Polyethylene. The casing connects to the inlet and outlet housings via pipe couplings. This allows easy assembly and disassembly of the screw feeder.

Flexible Screw Conveyor

Paddle Screw Conveyor

3Sigma provides Paddle Screw Conveyors by Thomas Conveyor Company. Paddle Screw Conveyors are used when material needs to be mixed before reaching its destination. Material is mixed through the adjustable paddles and they provide a controlled material flow. The angle of the paddles can be adjusted, thereby controlling the conveying action.

Paddle Screw-2

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

3Sigma provides Shaftless Screw Conveyors by Thomas Conveyor Company. This type of screw conveyors are used in applications that have large particle sizes or the product is sticky. Shaftless Screw Conveyors do not require hanger bearings due to the lack of a center pipe. Typical applications include wine and beverage industry, rendering, recycle plants, waste water, and others. If you have an application that has sticky or viscous bulk materials, and you need to convey them from one location to another, this feeder would be ideal. The shaftless screw conveyor can be used as a conveyor or a volumetric feeder.

Shaftless Screw Conveyors

Vertical Screw Conveyor

3Sigma offers Vertical Screw Conveyors by Old’s Elevator. This type of screw conveyor is used as an alternative to bucket elevators. Generally vertical screw conveyors have a vertical lift that is less than 30’.  The vertical screw conveyor is force fed by a horizontal screw conveyor or feeder.  Material is elevated at 200 rpms by the vertical screw conveyor. The vertical screw conveyor can convey material vertically from one location to another. The vertical screw conveyor’s inlet must be control fed. This type of screw conveyor is typically used for free-flowing products

Vertical screw conveyor
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