Manufacturer – Thomas Conveyor
Product – Crumb Rubber
Case History #103

Screw Conveyor System Designed and Installed in Record Time

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In 2000 a NC rubber recycler contacted Carolina Material Technologies (CMT) in need of equipment for a new, grass roots facility.  The recycler had been recycling rubber for many years and had defined their needs based upon this success.

The recycler required 20 Screw Feeders, many with 100 CF hoppers, designed, built and shipped in three weeks.  They also needed another 26 screw conveyors delivered two weeks later.

The Solution
CMT worked closely with the recycler and Thomas Conveyor to provide the required equipment within the specified time range.  Thomas bid both jobs but originally were only awarded the 20 screw feeders and bins.  The 26 standard screw conveyors were awarded to another supplier.
Thomas Conveyor, located in Burrelson, TX, immediately went to work designing the screw feeders and hoppers while coordinating the manufacturing process and met the required shipment date.

This success provided a second opportunity as the 26 screw conveyors, ordered from another vendor, were already one week late when the Thomas equipment arrived. The day the Thomas screw feeders and hoppers shipped the recycler cancelled his order with vendor B and ordered the 26 screw conveyors from Thomas.  These were shipped 14 days later.

Case History - Screw Feeder

-All feeders and hoppers were designed, built and shipped 21 days after receiving the order.
-The second order, of 26 screw conveyors, was shipped 14 days later.
-The receipt of the equipment at their new facility allowed them to meet their deadlines and, more importantly, their funding requirements.

Thomas Conveyor’s incredible ability to meet “Herculean like” delivery requirements is just another reason to turn to the largest screw conveyor manufacturer in North America for your next requirement.

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