Fox Venturi Eductors

3Sigma provides Fox Venturi Eductors for Pneumatic Conveying. Venturi Eductors are used to feed bulk solids, such as powders, pellets, flakes, and particulates into pressure, dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems. If rotary valve airlocks cannot perform adequately for an application, Venturi Eductors are commonly used in its place. In operation the Pneumatic Conveying Venturi Eductors convert the output of a blower into suction that is used to entrain and feed powders, pellets, and bulk solids into a pneumatic conveying system. Because the pneumatic conveying Venturi eductors have no moving parts, they can operate almost entirely maintenance-free.
Pneumatic conveying Venturi Eductors can be fed or placed at the outlet of a hopper and will convey at a specified rate.  Venturi size, placement and line size all determine the actual flow rate.
Ceramic lined or hardened units are provided for abrasive applications.

Fox Venturi Eductor for Plastics
Fox Venturi Eductors
Fox Venturi Eductors plastics

Industries Served

Building Products
Phenolic resin and sawdust for chipboard; Gypsum for sheetrock; Pumice powder for grout; Roofing granules;

CKD at up to 800 F; Portland cement at up to 20,000 lbs/hr; Alternate fuel injection (shredded carpets/plastic/tires//paper; biomass, rice hulls.) Kiln spill at 1600 F

Silica, Glass Frit, Ceramic dust, Mica, Sand/Clay mixes

Activated Carbon, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrated Lime, Pulverized Limestone into ducts and stacks; Sorbent injection in fluidized bed boilers for SOx reduction

Foundry dust from dust collectors; Inoculants to cupolas; Metal grit from grinding stations; Sand and bond

Minor ingredients to mixing/batching (salt, sugar, spices, vitamins, flavorings, etc.); Milk powders from spray dryers; Coffee beans from bulk bags; Powdered tea from screeners; Rice; Breakfast cereal from coating reels; And more

SAP from feeders with uniform flow distribution

Hot copper and nickel alloys at 1000F from calciners; Mica, talc, quartz, and perlite ore from dust collectors; Copper pellets at 400 lbs/ft3 bulk density

Coal, coke, and alternative fuels; Additives for inhibiting slag build-up on boiler tubes; sorbents for SOx reduction in CFB's; Activated carbon, lime, calcium carbonate, Trona injection for flue gas desulphurization (FGD)

Plastic pellets with reduced angel hair and fines from hundreds of extruders and compounding lines since 1963; 50+ fiberglass filled pellets with Clean-in-place, ceramic-lined wear resistant eductors; Conveying plastic regrind and flakes that jam airlocks in 10 minutes.

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