Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors

3Sigma provides Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors. Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying is a popular vacuum conveying method used to move solid materials in gas or air suspension using a high solid to air ratio.

Dense Phase Pneumatic conveyors use high capacity vacuum pumps to convey materials from a feed hopper or silo to a vacuum hopper where the air and material are separated by a filter. As the hopper is filled with material, the vacuum is isolated and the material is dumped into the destination silo.  Material is conveyed in a fluidized state through the pipeline at a controlled low velocity, in order to minimize pressure drop and friction.  To control the applied vacuum, product fluidization settings, and velocities at all parts of the system, valves and sensors are used throughout the system. This allows for reliable conveying of material. Vacuum systems are  ideal for friable granular and powder or pellet abrasive materials.

Dense Phase Transporter w Outlet Aeration 300px
Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Diagram 3Sigma
Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Vacuum Diagram 3Sigma
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