Air Slide Conveyor Systems

Whirl Air Flow Pneumatic Conveying Airslides are high volume pneumatic conveyors, engineered to convey powders and free-flowing products in a horizontal plane. The simple design of the pneumatic conveying Aidslide’s rectangular enclosure, eliminates airborne dust particles during transport of products. Materials are conveyed on a low pressure "cushion of air," going  through a fluidizing membrane with no moving parts, getting rid of any associated wear of the air slide.

Whirl-Slides pneumatic conveying air slides are offered in various different shapes and sizes, ranging from  4 inches to 24 inches wide. These pneumatic conveying Air Slides are custom built to meet the needs of the application. This pneumatic conveying Air slide has special designs, including curved  sections, drop chutes and special collectors. There are certain materials require  different downward sloping angles to flow. Those angles range from 2 to 15 degrees. The Standard design of the Whirl-Slide pneumatic conveying Air Slide is 8 degrees. Whirl Slides come in standard ten foot lengths, and are made in  carbon or stainless steel.

Pneumatic Conveying Airslides
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