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Bulk Bag Unloader Photos
View photos of 3Sigma's equipment, including bulk bag unloaders, bulk bag fillers, vibratory feeders, and LaborSave™ automatic sack emptying systems.

3Sigma provides complete bulk bag unloading systems and solutions for the material handling of bulk products. Please view the galleries below for photos of recent projects and installations involving Hoist & Trolley Bulk Bag Dischargers and Forklift Loaded Bulk Bag Unloaders.

Shaping Ti02 Bulk Bag
Titanium Dioxide is one of the hardest materials to handle in the bulk material handling industry. Watch 3Sigma’s Shape-It™ Vertical Vibration Technology mold the bag to get it ready for discharging.
Bulk Bag Unloader to Batch Feeder
Feed and meter directly from a bulk bag into a vibratory batch a feeder with 3Sigma’s BBU/Feeder Combo Package. Feed your batches straight from the super sack in order to save that extra step.
Combo BBU / Bag Dump Station
Combination bulk bag unloader and bag dump station for easy discharging of bulk bags and 25kg bags, all in the same system.

BBU to LIW Feeder System
Bulk Bag Unloader discharging to hopper where it is then metered out with a Loss-in-Weight Vibratory Feeder.

BBU to Pneumatic Conveying System
Bulk Bag Unloader to Pneumatic Conveying System. 3Sigma’s Collapse-It feature uses air vacuum to suck out all the material from the bag for optimal discharge.
Bulk Bag Unloader to LIW Feeder
Bulk Bag Unloading System discharges to a Batch Feeder. 3Sigma offers BBU/Feeder combos, saving you an extra step.

BBU to Pneumatic Conveying System
Bulk Bag Unloader Discharging into a Pneumatic Conveying System.

BBU Vacuum Conveying System
Bulk Bag Unloader Discharging Material to Vacuum Conveyor System.

Unloading of Granulated Plastic
Bulk Bag Unloading System Discharging Granulated Plastic.

BBU to Vibratory Batching Feeder
Bulk Bag Unloader with Integrated Hopper and Vibratory Batching Feeding System.

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