Manufacturer – Industrial Magnetics Inc.
Equipment - Air Actuated Drawer-in-Housing Magnet & Slide Gate Valve
Product – Calcium Carbonate
Case History #109

Tramp Metal Removal

Case History - 3Sigma Dry Material Feeders
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A southeastern minerals firm found an unacceptable level of ferrous metal in their product.   This discovery prompted them to search for an immediate solution, one for each of their silo systems.

The Problem
The company contacted Carolina Material Technologies (CMT) while searching for a solution.  Their needs included:
-Removal of very small tramp metal from their product stream as it was being discharged from two different silos.
-OAH of system – 17” max.
-Equipment needed ASAP.

The Solution:
-An integrated system, which allowed for “drop in” service, inlcuding:
-A low profile slide gate valve, which allowed us to provide:
-A two row drawer-in-housing magnet to remove the small tramp metal that was passing.
-The Magnet – 12 x 12 Drawer-in-Housing, Air Actuated for auto cleaning after each cycle.  The inlet was a custom fabriction to allow the12” square slide gate valve to bolt directly to the inlet.  The outlet was custom as well – 12” round with a flange to match the customer’s existing equipment flange pattern.
-12” Air Actuated Slide Gate Valve with limit switches.  Completely enclosed valve to keep this very fine, aerated product from escaping into the environment.
-The equipment was designed, fabricated and shipped in 3.5 weeks.

Case History - Magnet

-The first system was installed in July 2012.
-The second system was installed in August 2012.
-Both systems are performing as designed removing a huge amount of tramp metal.

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