Manufacturer – 3Sigma
Product – Tungsten Powder
Case History #108

Replacing a Troublesome Screw Feeder
With a Reliable Batching System

Case History - 3Sigma Dry Material Feeders
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A southeast manufacturer of highly abrasive metal powders contacted Carolina Material Technologies, our parent company, to duplicate a dry material batching system.  The original system was installed in 1997 and is still operated daily.

The Solution
The company contacted Carolina Material Technologies (CMT) in search of a solution that would:
-Store one tote of tungsten powder (150-250 PCF).
-Transfer from the tote to the hopper in a dust tight fashion.
-Allow for the integration of the client’s roll conveyor.   This is used to manually advance the empty “tubs” to the filling station and then roll them off when filled.
-Properly batch the tungsten powder to the “tubs”.
-Minimize maintenance – no screw feeders – as they had much poor experience with screw feeders and their fine, heavy product working its way past all types of seals and literally shutting the system down.

To Meet These Requirements 3Sigma Provided
-A 24” GeoMate™ Dry Material Feeder to properly batch their product.   This is the same size as the original 1997 unit.
-A 25 CF MassMate™ mass flow hopper.  The slopes are steep enough to ensure mass flow and the outlet larger than the product’s arching dimension, thereby ensuring mass flow.
-A volumetric feeder with an A-B VFD and foot pedal to allow the operator to fill each “tub” by volume.
- As this unit operates with no moving parts there are no screws, seals, bearings, bushings, etc to affect and maintain.

3Sigma Loss-in-Weight Feeder Post Testing Testing

“Cups” to set Client’s Tote
onto the Feeder Frame

25 CF MassMate™ Mass
Flow Hopper

Seal Skirt to Isolate
the Hopper from
the FeedTray

24” Dia. GeoTray™
Feed Tray with 6” outlet

59” Clearance for Client’s
Roller Conveyor

-The dry material feeder was installed in early 2012.
-The feeding system runs identically to the original 1997 unit with the exception that this feedtray is “offset” allowing for easier operator interface.
-The customer is pleased with the system.

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