Equipment – Pneumatic Conveying System
Client – Providencia
Manufacturer – CMT
Product – P.E. Pellets
Case History #200

Railcar Unloading & Storage System

Case History - 3Sigma Dry Material Feeders
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A Brazilian firm, expanding into the Southeastern United Sates, was in need of a pneumatic rail car unloading and storage system to properly unload railcars and fill three new silos with two different grades of plastic pellets.

The System
The following equipment was provided by Carolina Material Technologies to meet the client’s requirements.
-Railspur with pipe rack to allow for drive way.
-Pneumatic system including blower, air cooler, filter receivers, off set rotary valves, diverter valves and piping to silos.
-Three 1,000 CF silos with vacuum boxes at outlet.
-Three SiloPatrol Yo-Yo systems, computer controlled via wireless.
-Three diverter valves with a diverter valve control panel to manually choose which extruder material is conveyed to.
-PLC based control system

Special Features
-Air cooler to minimize air temperature and prevent streamers.
-Offset Rotary Valves to minimize pinch points and wear.
-SiloTrack computerized software to measure, trend and alarm silo levels, automatically,
-MK-2 Capaciatnace probes for point level control – push button calibration.
-Air actuated, toggle switch, maintenance gates.
-Manual diverter valve control panel for conveying to extruders.

IBC being set in place by column lift
BC Docked atop of geomate vibratory feeder

Product is loaded at grade into the system.

The system is moved to the mixer.

The system is lifted above the mixer.

The operator chooses the batch size and the system automatically batches the correct amount. 

IBC being set in place by Column Lift

IBC docked atop GeoMate™ Feeder

-The first system was installed in 2010. 
-The second system is being installed in September 2012.

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