Pneumatic Conveying Blower Packages

Providing a properly sized pneumatic conveying blower package is critical for energy and system efficiency. Selecting the right blower that operates at the correct speed is critical to the success of any pneumatic conveying system. An undersized blower wastes valuable time with reduced rates. And oversized blower is a waste of energy and an unnecessary initial capital expenditure.

3Sigma, through its parent company Carolina Material Technologies, provides blower packages for all your needs, are we are experienced at how different materials impact blower selection, so we can provide the best solution to your application. Call us at 704-846-1617 for more information.

Blower Package Skid Mounted

Blower Package Regenerative Rotron

Blower Package - Positive Displacement
Skid Mounted Motor Starters - Blower Packages
Regenerative Roton Blower Packages

Positive Displacement Blower Packages

We offer:

•Blower Packages - Skid Mounted, Motor Starters
•Regenerative Rotron
•Positive Displacement - Roots, Rotron, Others

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