Bin Aeration

Rectangular Air Pad

3Sigma offers Monitor Technologies Air Pad Bin Aerator, an aeration device
used to promote the flow of dry bulk powders from a storage vessel. The Air Pad continuously introduces air into the body of the dry powder. Powder, when first conveyed into a storage vessel, is a highly aerated mixture of air and particulate. In this aerated state, the mixture flows quite readily. However, as the powder settles the solid particulate and reduces air, it results in a decrease in volume and an increase in bulk density. When powder is in this de-aerated state, it can behave more like a single large solid structure rather than a fluid-like mixture. By replacing the naturally lost air, the air to particulate mixture ratio is held thus maintaining the fluid like characteristic of the aerated powder. The best results in the flow of dry bulk powders are seen when multiple rows of air pad bin aerators are used.

Bin Aeration - Air Pad

Features of the Rectangular Air Pad

•Promotes Material Flow
•Rugged Construction
•Easy Installation


Typical Applications Include but are not limited to:

•Cement Soda Ash
•Carbon Black Bentonite
•Lime Fly Ash
•Gypsum Flour

Bin Aeration - Air Pad Dimensions

Evasser Bin Aerator

3Sigma offers Monitor Technologies Evasser Bin Aerator. This type of bin aerator is used to promote the flow of dry bulk powders from a storage vessel without the noise and damaging vibration caused by pneumatic or electric vibrators. The Evasser Bin Aerator is small, compact and capable of aerating many types of bulk powders and granular solids in bins, hoppers and silos. The Evasser Bin Aerator can discharge air up to 80 psi to unsettle the materials. When the material is finally flowing, this Bin Aerator can be used to maintain the material flowing with a constant supply of air at 2 to 5 psi.

Most other types of aerators use cotton or canvas to diffuse the air. But the Evasser Bin Aerator is less likely to be bound or clogged due to moisture, and it can  be more effective as the air flow is directed in a way that sweeps the bin wall. Another advantage of the Evasser Bin Aerator is that back-flow of material is not common, since the standard neoprene boot expands to let the pressurized air out and contracts when the air is shut off blocking the air outlets from material backflow.

Flow Aids - Bin Aerator

Features of the Evasser Bin Aerator

•Fluidizes Materials in Bins, Hoppers and Silos
•External Mounting Available
•No Damaging Vibration

Typical Applications include but not limited to:

Soda Ash
Carbon Black
Fly Ash

Evasser Bin Aerator Diagram
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