Title - Model X5 Batch Controller

The Model X5 System Controller is a multiple use device for precise weighing applications. A wide range of interface options provides easy integration in all up-to-date automation concepts. The housing is designed for easy installation into witch cabinets, operating panels or direct at the machinery as a front-end unit. The bright weight display with 7 digits plus units and status symbols guarantees a good readability even under harsh conditions.

•Controls Multiple Scales, Multiple Feeders
•Fast/Dribble Operation
•Up to 60 Scale Readings per Second
•Unsurpassed Sensitivity
•Auto Preact, Auto Jog
•Vibration Rejection Software
•Network Compatible
•Operates with Standard Supervisory Batch Software
•Micro and Minor Systems
•Programmable Weighing Controller
•EC type Approval Certificate as Indicator Class III, 5000e
•Integrated PLC Functions

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Model X5 Batch Controller
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