Title - Geometry of Mass Flow Feeding

Historical Problems

Bin Flow
For decades process engineers and maintenance personnel have struggled with three common material flow problems when dealing with dry material feeding:

Bridging, ratholing, and funnel flow in dry material feeders

Why? Incorrect Understanding and design of hoopers, bins, and discharge devices for a particular bulk solid.

Historical Solutions

Brute Force
In the past, these problems have mainly been addressed with Brute Force. Vibrators, Air Cannons, Internal Agitators, and Horsepower have all been apploed to promote material flow. In some cases these solutions have worked. In some cases they have created more or different problems. In other cases they have failed completely.

The Solution

Mass Flow
Mass Flow is generally used to describe a material flow pattern, within a hopper, in which all material in the bin flows at the same time, regardless if the material is against the walls or in the center of the bin. It is often used to describe a first in, first out condition.

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