Title - About Gravimetric Feeders

Gravimetric feeding involves dry bulk material being fed into a process at a constant weight per unit of time since weight is a variable that can be captured by a weighing module. With gravimetric feeding, you can have consistent control and complete monitoring. Gravimetric feeding involves feeding process monitoring with a feedback loop that produces accurate material feeding control. 3Sigma offers gravimetric feeding through its proprietary Geomate Vibratory Feeder. This loss-in-weight system provides gravimetric feeding for varying density, material handling automation, long term accuracy, and repeatability. 3Sigma’s Loss-in-Weight Gravimetric feeding system is also great for when dust control is a possible issue.  3Sigma also offers weigh belt feeders for gravimetric feeding through its parent company Carolina Material Technologies.

Gravimetric Feeder

Weigh belt feeder

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