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LaborSave™ Automatic Sack Emptying Systems

The patented LaborSave™ is a fully automatic, highly effective sack emptying system that results in significant savings from increased efficiency, less waste of raw material and less labor. The cost-efficient LaborSave has four models to meet a range of needs.

  • Ideal for loading silos or day tanks.
  • Completely automated
  • Up to 1300 bags/hour – 32.5 tons /hour



The LaborSave™ is ideal for loading silos, day tanks or bulk trucks.  Carolina Material Technologies offers the LaborSave as a stand-alone system and also offers a complete system solution including pneumatic or mechanical conveying, silos, day tanks, bin vent filters, level controls and discharging equipment to meet your requirements.

Laborsave LC Model

LC Model

Up to 400 sacks/hour
99.90% empty

Laborsave HC Model

HC Model

Up to 600 sacks/hour
99.90% empty

Laborsave G2 Model

G2 Model

Up to 900 sacks/hour
99.99% empty

Laborsave VHC Model

VHC Model

Up to 1300 sacks/hour
99.99% empty


Greater throughput

Increased efficiency of raw materials

Reduced labor

Enhanced safety

Reduced contamination risk

Enhanced flexibility

Quick ROI

Up to 1300 bags/hour – 32.5 tons /hour

More than 99.99% empty

Automatic sack unloading and emptying

Total elimination of manual lifting

A clean sack emptying environment

Suitable for standard sack types

Tremendous savings in raw materials, labor, storage and transportation

Watch LaborSave in Action!


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