Intermediate Bulk Container IBC Systems

3Sigma Systems offers Carolina Conveying’s Solibin Cone Valve Intermediate Cone Valve Systems and Discharge Stations through its parent company Carolina Material Technologies.

The Solibin Intermediate Bulk Container System has several advantages over its competitors:

The Solibin IBC is square, and features a 60 degree cone instead of a 45 degree cone.
A large 25 outlet at the bottom replaces the typical 8 or 10 outlet on standard Intermediate Bulk Container systems.
Instead of a manual gate valve, the Solibin IBC has a cone valve.
The cone valve is an inverted cone with lipseal that is inside of the IBC and sits in the outlet cone. When material discharge is required, the cone lifts up into the material creating an annulus for material to flow.
Vibration may be added to further induce product flow.
For more difficult materials, the cone can be pulsed up and down to keep the material agitated and flowing.

IBC Totes Refilling Loss in Weight Feeders

Cone Valve IBC System with Hydraulic Lift - Iron-Powder

SS Cone Valve Discharge Station with IBC & Delumper 3Sigma

IBC Totes Refilling Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Cone Valve IBC System with Hydraulic-Lift

Stainless Steel IBC Discharge Station with Delumper

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