Manufacturer – 3Sigma
Product – Diatomaceous Earth & Molybdenum
Case History #116

GeoMate™ Continuous Dry Material Feeders
Pulseless Feeding to a Mill

Case History - 3Sigma Dry Material Feeders
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Rio Tinto, a western mining operation, was in process in opening a new Greenfield facility.  Within this process they required two volumetric feeders to feed two products, diatomaceous earth and molybdenum, in a pulseless fashion to their mills.  This is critical in allowing the mills to run without excessive loading thereby eliminating surges, yielding a more tightly defined product.

The Solution
A local supplier, who was awarded a large contract with the mine, contacted 3Sigma in order to provide the solution their customer desired.  Their requirements:
-Provide a pulseless dry material feed for diatomaceous earth at a rate of 400 PPH.
-Provide a pulseless dry material feed for molybdenum at a rate of 7,600 PPH.
-Provide two identically sized dry material vibratory feeders to minimize spares and ease of operator use.
-Provide load cells, which will be connected to the client’s PLC, to maintain a constant head pressure.
-Provide a trouble free system that will allow for proper operation for years with minimal maintenance issues.

To Meet These Requirements 3Sigma Provided:
-Two 18” GeoMate™ dry material vibratory feeders, each coupled with 15 CF MassMate™ mass flow hoppers and each with a three point scale.
-The scale is integrated with the client’s control system to maintain the hopper level at all times.
-The MassMate™ hopper has been designed for mass flow and with the hopper outlet designed to be greater than the products arching dimension to ensure mass flow. 
-The loss-in-weight vibratory feeder is flexibly connected at the inlet and discharge to provide dust tight operation.

18 GeoMate Dry Material Feeder Post Production Testing

15 CF MassMate™ Mass Flow Hopper

Three Point Scale System

Flexible Sleeve to Isolate the FeedTray from the Hopper

18” SS GeoTray™ with a 6” dia. outlet

-The loss-in-weight GeoMate™ dry material feeders was installed in the third quarter of 2012.
-The loss-in-weight dry material feeder operates within the customer's accuracy requirements freeing the operator from constant rework.
-No more squealing from screw conveyors.  No more "pretzeled screws".  No more maintenance.
-To date the feeder system has met all requirements without any downtime.

18” GeoMate Dry Material Feeder Post Production Testing

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