Complete Batching Systems and Bulk Material Handling Systems

  • Gain-in-Weight Silo System
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    3Sigma previously designed a Gain-in-Weight Silo System. Product is stored in the 100K capacity silo. Product is batched, via a slide gate valve, GIW, to a dense phase transporter.  Upon demand the batch it is pneumatically conveyed to the mixer.

    3Sigma will specifically design your Gain-in-Weight Silo system according to your application’s needs.

    Gain-in-Weight Silo System
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  • Gain-in-Weight Bag Dump System
  • Loss-in-Weigh Batching System
  • Loss-in-Weight Bulk Bag System
  • Portable Bag Dump Conveying System
  • Portable and Height Adjustable Weighing System
  • Hydraulic Lift, IBC Cone Valve & Loss-in-Weight Feeder
  • IBC Unloading to Loss-in-Weight Feeders
  • Automated Batching Systems
  • Continuous Weigh Screw Feeder System

3Sigma and its parent company Carolina Material Technologies offers Complete Batching Systems and Bulk Material Handling Equipment. CMT offers Better Batching systems can vary from a simple manual station to a complex, fully automated system.  In addition to the approach (feeders, scales and controls) the ancillary equipment is vitally important in providing an integrated solution.

In developing your batching system or Bulk Material Handling System, 3Sigma uses a variety of equipment in order to provide the best solution for your application. Some of the equipment commonly used in conjunction with the Loss-in-Weight and Gain-in-Weight Feeders include Storage Silos and Tanks, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Screw Feeders, Weigh Belt, Blenders and Mixers, IBCS, Totes, Screw Conveyors, Industrial Screws, Rotary Valves, Slide Gate Valves, Manual Valves, Aeromechanical Conveyors, Pneumatic Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Hydraulic Lifts, Dust Collection Systems, and other technologies are used to provide the best solution for your application. 

Bulk Material Handling Equipment
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