Bulk Bag Unloaders and Dischargers

Efficiently Empty Bulk Bags; Quickly Discharge Material from the Bag and Eliminate Dust

Bulk Bag Unloaders, also commonly called bulk bag dischargers, super sack unloaders, super sack dischargers, FIBC dischargers, and FIBC unloaders, provide a safe, dust-free and convenient way to handle and discharge bulk bags. CMT provides Bulk Bag Unloaders that make handling of bags practical and efficient by providing an easy and safe method to lift, support and discharge.  Our bulk bag unloaders eliminate dust and spillage associated with other methods of bulk bag handling. Since CMT specializes in bulk material handling equipment, we build systems that provide controlled, regulated discharge with a variety of feed devices and weight control options.

  • Reduced labor
  • Better dust control
  • Increased safety
  • Cleaner working environment
  • Increased productivity
  • No packaging waste
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Bulk bag dischargers are typically implemented when capacity requirements dictate a change from 50 lb. bulk bags to save labor costs and to minimize dust.  The most crucial aspect in providing you with a successful bulk bag unloader is understanding the bulk bag(s) to be used, your goals and concerns.  Many suppliers overlook the actual bulk bag and dive into offering you their standard bulk bag unloader – the “one size fits all” mentality.  Bulk Bag items of concern include: Dimensions; Lined or Unlined; Loose Liner, Tabbed Liner or Glued Liner Flat Bottom or Cone Bottom; Single Trip or Multi-Trip; Bulk Bag Outlet Spout Dimensions; Bulk Bag coatings, etc.

General Bulk Bag Unloader Customer Goals

  • Dust Free Bulk Bag Unloading.
  • Unload your densified product reliably with a Bulk Bag unloader.
  • A Bulk Bag Discharger for Total Bulk Bag Discharging
  • Minimal moving parts/ Minimal maintenance.
Bulk Bag Unloader
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The key component - minimizing dust - can be a difficult task, although today’s technology makes this possible.


Super Sack Unloader - Titanium Dioxide


Unloading Titanium Dioxide from a Bulk Bag using a 3Sigma Bulk Bag Unloader.

3Sigma Bulk Bag Unloader Features


Super Sack Discharging made easy with 3Sigma's Massage-It™, Clamp-It™, Close-It™ Features.

Bulk Bag Unloader / Batching System


 3Sigma’s Bulk bag Unloader / Batching Feeder System. Target batch rate is set at 10.7 lbs.

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Proper Bag Discharging

Proper bag agitation is crucial in discharging your product.  3Sigma offers three methods of agitation, recommending the proper bag agitation system for your products, all with a guarantee of product discharge.


Dual agitators are used with the most difficult to discharge products.  Heavy duty pipe agitators are used to ensure product discharge, with Massage-It agitators pivoting a full 90 degrees. The pneumatically operated agitators provide plenty of force to loosen the material in the super sacks.

Bulk Bag Discharger Agitators

3Sigma Dual Agitators in Action


Bulk Bag Unloader Massage-It

The pneumatically operated agitators push material from the edge of the  bag to the outlet flow channel while breaking compacted material.


The compacted bulk bag is set into the bag shaping platform.  Vertical Vibration is then used to properly shape the bulk bag to the steep sloped platform prior to opening the bag.  Once set the bag spout is easily accessed and the vertical vibration is used periodically, if needed, to discharge product.  All with no moving parts.

Bulk Bag Discharger Shape-It - Beofre Afrer




- Vertical Vibration shapes the Bulk Bag to the Steep Sloped Platform prior to opening the bag
- Cycled as necessary for discharge
- No Moving Parts

Bulk Bag Unloader Platform

Fully Welded Bag Shaping Support Platform

Total Containment

CMT offers a completely dust-tight access chamber that contains dust within a large, easy to access chamber.  Our pneumatically actuated bulk bag spout clamping system completely seals the bulk bag outlet spout thereby eliminating the most poignant dust leakage potential.

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Our bulk bag unloaders minimize dusting, as the bag spout is connected to an internal cylinder, located within the isolation chamber. The bulk bag is clamped via air cylinders thereby providing a positive seal between the bag and downstream equipment within the access chamber.
Please notice how LARGE this access chamber is. Compare this to “gull wing” doors and small square enclosures that make it very difficult to access the bag.

Dust Extraction Port – This port is connected to the access chamber, pulling any dust that may be present due to leakage at the bag seams or stitching, which is especially prevalent with unlined bulk bags. This is located far above the material contact area, allowing for positive dust evacuation, as it will never be plugged by material.

Access Chamber Bulk Bag System
Bulk bag unloader dust and spill


  • Extra Large Chamber
  • Sealed Bag access
  • Contain all leaks and spill
dont get stuck with this
Bulk Bag Unloader - Access Chamber
bulk bag unloader dust
Design Issues
  • Dust-Tight Bulk Bag Unloading
  • Guaranteed Discharge with a Bulk Bag Dischrager that has No Moving Parts
  • Full Platform/Bulk Bag Support
  • The Bulk Bag Discharger never Breaks the Spout Seal
  • Patented Liner Retention System
  • Easiest/Least Steps to Load and Unload
  • The Bulk Bag Unloader requires Minimal Maintenance
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