Bulk Bag Unloaders and Dischargers

Safely discharging product from bulk bags or super sacks is now easier than ever with 3Sigma’s line of Bulk Bag Unloaders. 3Sigma offers three special features that make it the best bulk bag discharging system available on the market: The Access Chamber, the Dust Extraction Port, and the Bag Access Door Location. 3Sigma also offers an optional full platform to support the bulk bag.

Dual Bulk Bag System Bulk Bag System

Access Chamber

This unit minimizing dusting, as the bag spout is connected to an internal cylinder, located within the isolation chamber. The bag is clamped via air cylinders thereby providing a positive seal between the bag and downstream equipment within the access chamber. Please notice how LARGE this access chamber is. Compare this to “gull wing” doors and small square enclosures that make it very difficult to access the bag.


Dust Extraction Port – This port is connected to the access chamber, pulling any dust that may be present due to leakage at the bag seams or stitching, which is especially prevalent with unlined bags. This is located far above the material contact area, allowing for positive dust evacuation, as it will never be plugged by material.

Bag Access Door Location - The bag spout is clamped to the outlet spout before the bag is opened, thereby eliminating material spillage and operator exposure issues.

Bulk Bag Unloader - Access Chamber 435px

Bag Support Platform

If desired, we can supply a full platform to support the bulk bag. This platform adds about 15” to the OAH of the system. It includes an eccentric vibrator that “shapes” the bag, to a 60-degree cone and seals the bag atop the access chamber as shown below.
It is important to note, that the support dish and access chamber are essentially one-piece. Material flows through the outlet spout to your downstream equipment – contained. There is no transition, no iris valve. Unlike suspended bag unit, where the bag spout is not contained within a hopper, our unit is completely contained.


Platform Seal
The bulk bag provides a seal, first, as it sets in the support platform. 2,000# of vertical force on a 2,400 sq. inch platform provides your first level of protection against dusting.

platform seal

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