Bulk Bag Systems

3Sigma offers the newest bulk bag unloading and filling technologies to discharge any material. We offer three different models: Fork Truck Loaded Unit, Integral Hoist and Trolley Unit, and a Client Supplied Ceiling Mounted Hoist and Trolley Unit. Each unit can be modified to include the following features: Shape-It™ Vertical Vibration,  Massage-It™ Agitation System, Contain-It™ Access Chamber, Close-It™ (Stops material flow by closing bag spout),  Clamp-It™ (Pneumatically operated clamp to ensure total containment by sealing the bag spout to the Tube-It™ discharge tube), and Dust Collection Systems. We also offer Bulk Bag Fillers with cone table densification systems and auto height adjustment.

Bulk Bag Fillers
Bulk Bag Fillers
  • Cone Table Densification System
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Hang Weighing / Bag Stretching
  • Liner Retaining Ring
Bulk Bag Unloaders
Bulk Bag Unloaders
  • Reduced labor
  • Maximum dust control
  • Large Access Chamber
  • Increased safety
  • Cleaner working environment
  • Increased productivity
  • No packaging waste
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