Bin Activators / Bin Dischargers

3Sigma offers Bin Activators and Bin Dischargers. A standard Bin Activator is hung from a matching flange on the silo. There is an internal baffle or cone that is fixed inside the bin activator, and the unit is connected with a high performance rubber sleeve. This design allows the bin activator to move freely in an elliptical action.  The bin activator’s stationary cone allows vibration to be imparted vertically, into the material in the silo, causing consistent material flow. Bin activators and dischargers are a solution to many common discharge problems in dry material storage, such as rat-holing, bridging, degradation, and segregation.


Advantages of the Bin Activator


Mass Flow - Material is discharged in a first in / first out basis. The Bin Activator eliminates degradation, segregation, flushing, and bridging, and insures complete discharge.
De-Aerates the Product - The vibration of the Bin Activator causes the material to de-aerate and produce an even bulk density. This is very important if the product is being fed downstream, since some materials can flood out of the hopper if the material is too aerated.
Controlled Discharge Rate - Increasing or decreasing the diameter of the internal cone controls the internal annular gap and therefore controls the product flow rate.

Bin Discharger 3Sigma Systems

Bin Activator 3Sigma Systems

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